Sunday Morning Worship

As you walk into the church you are welcomed by one of our greeters.  You walk down the isles between the pews, looking for a seat you feel most comfortable in and you notice the beautiful stained glass windows, the sun shinning through them, and sit down to wait for service to begin.

The service begins with our liturgist listing off the weekly announcements and other important notices and events that are going on in the church and community.  Our pianist, Amie, begins playing to get us ready for service.  We sing our Opening Hymn, followed by the “Call to Worship” and Opening Prayer.  After the Opening Prayer, we sing the Hymn of Preparation, which prepares us to hear the message.  The choir often sings directly after the Hymn of Preparation, followed by the Children’s Message.  Then the Offering is taken, followed by a time of greeting our fellow congregation members and guests.  The reading from the Bible is traditionally given afterwards, followed by the Pastor’s Sermon.  Nearing the end of worship, Communion follows, along with the Closing Hymn and Benediction.

So stop by on Sunday morning at 11:15 and get to know what we are all about!