Sunday School

It’s 10am on Sunday morning as you enter the Fellowship Hall. You are just in time for Sunday School. I can’t get there before 10:15 you say……not a problem, we are pretty flexible. As you enter the hall you hear the laughter and fellowship of those who arrived before you. They call out your name with a hearty good morning…..if you play your cards right you may get a hug from a brother and sister in Christ. Is that fresh coffee and pastries I smell, you ask yourself as you make your way in…..yep! Sometimes store bought…..sometimes homemade……always good!

Our members range from ages 8 to 30. We average 20 to 25 participants on any given Sunday. We meet from approximately 10 to 11am. We begin with announcements and an update to our prayer list, then have a brief review of last week’s session and begin the study for that day. Our studies are Bible based and student driven. Some of our recent studies included A Walk Across the Room, an in depth study of Revelations, The Thirteen Apostles, Women of the Bible, Chasing Daylight, Purpose Driven Life, King David and many others.

Our study group has been together now for a while. We have grown very close and have learned to rely on each other’s strengths when times are tough…..and share each other’s joy when times are good. Our mission is simply to grow together in Christ through in depth study of His word, and to serve as He served. Come join us when you can….we would love to have you.